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How I can Help


The decision to seek counseling is not an easy one. So many times we have questions.

Do I need this?

What's wrong with me?

What will people think?

How can this help me?

People seek counseling for different reasons. It's important to understand that once in awhile we could all use some help and it's okay to ask.

My hope for you is success. I have been providing counseling services for over 20 years. I have picked up a lot of life hacks through my training and experience. My goal is to teach you the skills you need so that you won't have to keep seeing me. You have better things to do with your time, don't you? 

Yes, my focus is to get you back on your feet so that you can be on your merry way. 

So, what do you really need? Let's chat and see if we can figure it out?

Call or text 407-947-7984