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About our programs

Hypnosis is a useful tool to create the positive change you want in your life.  Whatever your challenge, your program is designed specific to your goals and budget.  

Every program begins with a Kick Off session. 

Your  hypnosis kick off session is fun, informative and takes about 45 minutes. Fees, policies and procedures are explained. I answer any question you may have.

This  gives us the opportunity to meet one another, discuss your desired result and design your program. I will evaluate your ability to be hypnotized and recommend a hypnosis program that fits your lifestyle and budget. If  hypnosis will not benefit you, I will explore other options.

No hard sell, pressure or arm twisting. Mid Florida Hypnosis'  kick off session is for information only. The purpose of the session is to make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed, intelligent decision whether hypnosis is right for you.


Below is the details for our most popular WEIGHT RELEASE program.

At Mid Florida Hypnosis your weight release program is based on results of successful clients and everything they learned .  No need to reinvent the wheel, just have to make sure if fits your car.

The only goal is your success.

Tailored for your specific needs

You have your own set of challenges, that is why each program is different.  Hypnosis is a great tool for breaking through the issues that have been holding you back. We show YOU the tools YOU need to reach YOUR GOALS. 

Complete Program

Mid Florida Hypnosis designs each program to address your motivations, your health level, your family and relationships, and the challenges you've had in the past. 

Every weight release program includes essentials of nutrition so you choose healthy food over unhealthy food.  Essentials of activity are also addressed so you want to move instead of sit still. We combine the two to make healthy eating and activity fit into your life. 

Unheard of Service Commitment

Shhhh..... I'm saying it's unheard of.....

Along with our time tested methods, this is where you will find that Mid Florida Hypnosis stands out above the rest.  When I say I am dedicated to your success, I mean it. 

I am completely committed to your success. I recognize that the time it takes to complete a goal is different for everybody. After purchasing your program, you are stuck with me until your goal is met. I am with you every step of the way, without additional fees. Your  investment is serious. 



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